The Adventures Of Tinger

My diplom thesis The Adventures Of Tinger is a 2D-Platform-Game about a wolpertinger, a bavarian mythical creature, that wants to rescue his friend Kaez, the last bavarian Leberkaes. Kaez was kidnapped by HaxnHuber the meat fabricant, the head of the bavarian-meat-mafia, who wants to discover the recipe of Kaes.
The concept contains 5 Levels. One is playable. The Adventures Of Tinger was voted to Site Of The Day by the FWA on 29.08.2008. Want to support the further development?

Visit: www.adventuresoftinger.com

Tinger walkcycles

Screens: landingpage, level-selection, intro ingame

game in action

background paintings and level design

character walkcycles: Tinger

character walkcycles: Buck Hennes
Hennes Walkcycle

character walkcycles: Bruno The Bear
Bruno Walkcycle

character walkcycles: Cow Resi
Resi Walkcycle

character walkcycles: Eagle Franz Josef
Franz-Josef Walkcycle

illustration of farmer Sepp and his tractor plus more details of the eagle and bear

A few items that Tinger has to collect on his way: beer-elvis, potatoe-dumpling, pretzel, würstl, sauerkraut and a knuckle of pork.

Illustrated story: Tinger with Keas, in his desolated cabin and the villains.

sketches: TInger phases, villains, story excerpt, former level sketches, mixed sketches

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